Delta Marriott Hotel, Burnaby

As a special Christmas gift for my husband this past year, I booked 3 days at your Hotel in Burnaby, B.C. I found so much missing I  asked for two wine glasses, wine opener,one extra ‘soft’ chair, 1 coffee cup, We found no microwave, menus, instructions to operate your very s-l-o-w tv.

In the covid period we are still in, the fact that the duvet was without a cover, open to one and all was truly disconcerting.

Back to the chair. It is not conceivable in such a large room that two chairs are not available. Having one seated and the other having to sit on the edge of the bed to watch tv sucks, especially during the Olympics. They did bring us a very hard ;’dining room’ chair. The Casino area was super great for two seniors who had not left home in over two years due to my husband having a broken back. It was a lot of fun.

We found the staff to be amazing, polite, smiling and always willing to offer assistance. I hate to mention this but single ply toilet paper is not economical to your bottom line. Neither are single ply kleenex. One must use 3-4 times more paper.

The piano volume in your so-called lounge area is beyond any sanity. We were 4 people trying to make a family visit something special but instead had to literally shout at each other (as did the rest of the room). We were told we didn’t request the dining room. We (a) didn’t know you had to do that and (b) had no idea it was two rooms and not one. The second night with yet another daughter in tow, was not much better. This time we asked our server to do something. The Hostess at the front told us she had total control of the volume. Perhaps she requires a hearing aid?

Thank you for listening to me. P.S. the Casinos liked us. Just sayin’.

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