A Full Heart From Acts Of Kindness

When we moved to the Island some 6 years ago, a lovely gentleman came to our door as we were moving in and said “we are so thankful it is you moving in”. And from that day on, as neighbors and friends, we shared hours of laughs, talks, going to concerts, dining out and creating a bond like no other with Don and Judy and also meeting their children and grandchildren when the moments allowed.

A short month ago, this lovely gentleman passed away at age 93 but through the kindness and thoughtfulness of their son, we were asked to come and say our goodbyes. This was so special that a family member would share these last moments with friends of his parents. Don and I still grieve this loss and especially every time we drive by the road that led to their home.

Now, last night this wonderful son phoned and asked if he could come by and drop something off. As it is tax season, we never gave it a thought. What it was, dear people, was a framed picture of his Mom and Dad who were married 60 years, and was a picture I absolutely loved.

I have never known such unselfish kindness before. Mike, you are your father’s son in so very many ways….kindness, thoughtfulness, totally unselfish but so aware of the hearts of Don and I. That is a real treasure for us and I hope we, together, can share time together as well. I will pray for your Mom but tell her please “Honey Bun take care”. In all the short years we shared with this feisty, funny lady, I never called her anything but “Honey Bun”. I don’t know why but it fit. I would kiss her on the forehead and then the visit began.

Bless you.


Note: about 1 hour after I posted this, we were told by Mike, their son, that Judy has passed away in the night. Major loss for this family – both parents in 31 days.

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