Is This My Canada?

I fully understand the frustration of the past two years (going on three), on the restrictions laid out for keeping us all safe but you cannot blame the Prime Minister for the restrictions as these are done by Province. The wearing of masks is nothing more than an inconvenience, perhaps, if you wear it for 8 hours straight.


Take the honour and respect of this Country’s flag and make it almost impossible to fly one at your residence anymore, wear it on your clothing with pride (at least we used to)? To do so makes people think ever so wrongly, that you support the idiots and misinformed rabble out there.

Taking away your ‘freedom’? You have taken away our freedom. Freedom is knowing the food you normally see on the shelves will be there without skyrocketing prices caused by your dumb, dumb and dumber convoys.

This is caused by those who don’t live here but are funded and come up from the United States (proven by the way) and proceed to gather support from those who have nothing better to complain about.

When the Covid first came on, Trump blamed all Asians. What happened here in Canada? They were kicked, pushed, injured, blamed for something they had nothing to do with it. My Canada? Unhuh!

Now with the evil Putin in Russia killing innocent people in another Democratic Country by bombing schools, hospitals and only hitting the residentials areas, there are damn fools here pouring red paint on the doors of a Russian Catholic Church.  Here! In Canada! What are you thinking?

I was raised to respect my elders, honour my parents, keep a strong faith, obey the rules laid out where we can honestly believe we are a democratic Country. The flag of our Country was a badge of honour. It never should be so disrespected as it has become. In school (back in the day of course) we saluted the Flag in school classes and pledged allegiance.

Yesterday one of the overpasses in our City was, once again, covered with numb thinking people protesting whatever, flying our flag in a very disrespectful manner and the obscene flags with the 4 letter friend getter against the Prime Minister is NOT the Canada I can be proud of anymore.

Is it because parents of the last generation forgot to teach their kids respect? What honour is? Go to Church? Treat their neighbors kindly?

If you wish Canada to be respectful of others, regardless of their religion, colour of their skin, the clothing they wear with respect of their upbringing, please, please pass this on. I  believe I am a member of a family  that still does. We care, we are afraid of what society is becoming.

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