The Gourmet Warehouse, Vancouver, B.C.

For many years, when we watched the news on the weekend, we always saw a segment with the Chef from Gourmet Warehouse., Don always wanted to go, but when you live either in the south Okanagan or the Vancouver Island, it wasn’t been possible until now.

When I took my perfectly good husband to Vancouver for his Christmas present mid February, we got the chance to go and browse this FABULOUS store that is geared for the cook. There is not a thing they do not stock for sure and you can spend 1-3 hours just looking at everything they have.

One thing that was really noticeable is the staff. They were either smiling and so willing to assist you or humming a happy tune or, if no one else is too close, they were laughing at some little ‘chit chat’.

I should mention that before we got there, Don had googled them and ordered one of their sauces to try. OMG! It is soooo good. They sent it to us in the mail.

We took a picture of a lovely item our kids had in our Christmas box and that was three individual butter dishes with lids. I wanted more and when we got to the store, I showed a picture to one of their staff and he swept off and showed us that they had more. Then we bought the last two pasta dishes we really liked and a few other items and came home.

Last week, Don again checked their site and found that there were 2 more of the pasta bowls we liked and ordered them along with two more of their sauces. When the box comes (very quickly I might add) it is so well packed it could never break. The sauces are sealed in a plastic bag then wrapped around with bubble wrap. The brown paper that wraps everything else and ‘pads’ the box is unbelievable.

In a word (or three) this is definitely the place to go through and, if not, feel most capable of ordering on line and getting it in the mail to you.

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