The Nail Lounge – Nanaimo

Yesterday I went to this Salon to get my nails done and boy, did I ever hit the jackpot.

The lady I had, Sheena, is truly an amazing artist. It took less than 1 hour and my hands have not looked this beautiful for a very, very long time.

I guess the main thing for me is having a conversation, a real conversation with someone who is with you. Laughter abound¬† and the time flew by. I made my appointments (even in November) so I won’t get left out. They open, are you ready for this, at 8:00 a.m. to get the day going.

I really like this salon and they are up to date in product, do not try to steer you in the wrong direction and their prices are incredible.

Ladies….this is THE place to go to. You won’t be sorry and I am pretty sure you will thank me when you are all ‘prettied up’.


Note:  First off, sound really echoes in this salon, but it is very bright and a super happy place. When you have 4-5 technicians plus their clientele it is a tad on the louder side of the scale but not unbearable.

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